Surgical Wellness & A+ Recovery Foods

The Surgical Wellness Program is designed to improve surgical outcomes through improved nutrition and increased knowledge. Surgery is a stressful time on your body, and a specific wellness program can help you maximize your recovery. 

The Surgical Wellness Program takes the fundamentals from Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS), and elevates the recommendations with specific action plans.

We believe that what you eat matters.

We believe that knowledge is power - by being prepared for your surgery, you know what to expect.

We believe that pain control, adequate sleep & exercise are vital to recovery. 

Heal smart with A+ Recovery Foods
— Dr. A


A+ Recovery foods help your tissues recover quickly and maximize your recovery. They blend ancient wisdom with modern healing. A+ Recovery foods:

  • are ideal for healing after a surgery or procedure

  • can help promote tissue healing and reduce bruising and swelling

  • are more nutritious than Jello, chicken noodle soup, Boost, and Ensure

  • hypo-allergenic, gluten and dairy free, preservative free, non GMO, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pre-biotic (help improve gut motility)