Dryp IV Therapy

Recharge, Recover, Rehydrate

  • Feel more energized and hydrated QUICKLY
  • Fight the cold or flu & stay HEALTHY
  • Recover from jet lag, a race, an intense workout, or your busy life
  • Optimize your levels of vitamins and minerals and stay hydrated
  • Improve your surgical outcome with tissue healing infusions and vitamins
  • Dr. A recommends a series of 4-6 IV infusions. 


Dryp Services Provided

  • Dryp Simple Hydration- Rehydrate with 1 Liter of fluid and B12. $199

  • Dryp Myers' Cocktail- IV infusion containing 1 Liter of Fluids and Vitamins- B 12, B Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium, & Magnesium to rehydrate you from your busy schedule. $225

  • Dryp Plus Cleanse & Detox *** Most popular option- I Liter of IV fluid + Myers' Cocktail and glutathione.  This service is designed for the individual who is trying to stay in optimal health.  Glutathione helps detoxify your liver and is powerful anti- oxidant. $259

  • Dryp Fight the Cold Immune Boost- 1 Liter of IV fluid + Myers' Cocktail plus anti- oxidants, zinc & selenium. This service is designed to help treat your cold and flu. $259

  • Dryp Glutathione Skin Toning Infusion- IV infusion of glutathione and vitamin C to hydrate and balance your skin. Added Glutathione helps even skin pigment and can help lighten skin tone. A series of 8-10 treatments are recommended, + oral supplementation of Glutathione and Vitamin C. $259

  • Dryp Ultimate Energy- Maximize your results with the ULTIMATE Dryp infusion. Includes I Liter of IV fluid, Myers' Cocktail, zinc, selenium, and glutathione.  Designed to keep you at your peak performance for your demanding lifestyle. $299

  • Vitamin C Booster $40

  • Vitamin B12 Booster $30

  • Add on's include anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medication

  • (don't worry if you don' know which one to choose, we will discuss it with you)

Dryp IV Therapy for Surgery

  • Dr. A recommends a series of 3 infusions to optimize your surgical nutrition and recovery- 1 before surgery, and 1-2 after surgery. A healing infusion composed of IV fluids, anti- oxidants, zinc, selenium, and other vitamins and minerals help ensure an optimal recovery. 

  • Dr. A also designs an oral regimen of tailored vitamins and supplements to help your body heal from the stress of surgery. 

  • Dr. A will coordinate with your surgical team if necessary


Check out this awesome video from Dr. A demonstrating the ingredients in a Myers Cocktail. 

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